Non-standard Pricing

As an alternative to standard pricing, the Core actively accepts collaborative efforts. Due to the iterative nature of bioinformatics analysis, this is a generally preferred method. To discuss this further, please contact the Core to review your project and discuss options. Common examples include percent effort on grants or salary subsistence through Center contributions. Current groups with Center salary subsistence:

Standard Pricing List

All standard services have a pre-set pricing as below for internal Rutgers investigators. For what is included in each standard package please see the individual service pages or contact the Core directly. Pricing has been determined based upon calculated average compute requirements for standard projects.

Service Group Service Item Unit Size Unit Cost
Whole Genome      
  Variant Analysis (Large Eukaryote) Sample $100
  Variant Analysis (Small Eukaryote/Prokayote) Sample $50
  De Novo Assembly (Large Eukaryote) Sample $100
  De Novo Assembly (Small Eukaryote/Prokayote) Sample $50
  Differential Gene Expression Sample $75
  Pathway Analysis (if available) Sample $100
Single cell RNA-Seq      
  Cellranger/Seurat processing workflow Sample $200
  Cellranger/Seurat processing workflow with CITE-seq Sample $250
  Cellranger/Seurat processing workflow with Hashtags Sample $250
  ChIP-seq Differential Peak Analysis Sample $50
  ATAC-seq Differential Peak Analysis Sample $75
  Unique Amplicon Counting Sample $5
  16s Metagenomics Sample $15
  VDJ Diversity Sample $15
Custom Services      
  Custom Services Hourly $150